Summer FAVES

School’s out and summer is here! In Metro Vancouver, we’ve got some warm months of playing in the sprinkler, visits to the pool and chasing the ice cream truck down the street ahead of us. The summer means lots of time making memories and keeping up with our little ones. Here is an instagram account to keep you laughing, a heartwarming story and a local business helping you save money and be a friend to the planet. 
Instagram Account: @newmomwhodis
Let’s not beat around the bush, the past year and a half has been colossally difficult and we could all really use a good laugh. This instagram account offers guaranteed giggles and a safe space to shake off the pressure to be the #perfectmom. Jessi Cruickshank is a mom of twins and a newborn and in her words, “If you’re looking for a perfect mommy blog about a perfect mom, THIS IS NOT IT.
I’m sharing the good, the bad, the REAL side of motherhood right here.” Her page is equally full of memes and candid mom moments. Perfect for scrolling during nap time. If you become a big fan, she has a blog, newsletter, Facebook Live series and lots more content to laugh along with. 
Kid’s Book: Saturday by Oge Mora 
Saturday is a story by Oge Mora that follows a mother and daughter on their long anticipated Saturday together. But this Saturday, one thing after another goes wrong–ruining storytime, salon time, picnic time, and the puppet show they’d been looking forward to all week. When Mom is ready to throw up her hands and give up, her daughter reminds her that it doesn’t matter what they do on their Saturday, it matters that they’re together. This message is sometimes sorely needed as our stress levels go up. Summer can especially bring with it a pressure to be stacking the calendar with outings and visits while the weather is nice. Take a deep breath, let the stress go and enjoy the memories as you’re making them. 
Local Business: 2Loops 
With summer’s warmer weather, it can feel like you suddenly need a whole new wardrobe for your little guys to stay cool and comfortable. This not only gets expensive but it can start taking up space in your house pretty quickly. 2Loops is a great way to minimize those costs and donate old clothes to free up space. is an online platform where Vancouver families can swap and shop for good quality children's items. Everything is priced between $2 - $5, and when you donate your clean, sorted stuff, you get credit to use for the next size up. They accept donations from years 0 to 6. This is not only great for your wallet but choosing second hand clothing is also a great way to reduce your environmental impact. 
So there you have it folks, our 3 summer faves! We hope you enjoy kicking back, sipping on a cool drink and soaking up the summer sun with your families. We know that’s what we’ll be doing over here at GREIGE.