Sharday Engel

Why is Sharday one of our faves?
Mama to daughter Lily and son Eitan, Sharday is one of those people who you just want to be like, or at the very least, be BFFs with. Her laid-back yet put together style is #FashionGoals for us at GREIGE, and she definitely proves that style doesn't have to end with motherhood. Oh, and did we tell you she's also a fashion industry vet? So. Cool.

Originally from the sunny land of Australia, Sharday now lives with her family in the sometimes sunny, but let's get real here, mostly rainy Vancouver, British Columbia. Her website covers it all - experiences as a mom, fashion and beauty buys, travelling with littles, and how she got her first job in fashion (such a cool read!). Also make sure to check out her IG feed @shardayengel for more style inspo from her and her adorable minis.

Keep reading for our mini Q&A with Sharday Engel...

Eitan is wearing the It's All Good Overalls and Sharday is twinning in the GREIGE X One of a Few overalls


Q: How do you come up with your blog topics?
A: As simple as it sounds, it's usually what I'm dealing with or experiencing at that point in time. For example when I went back to work after my mat leave ended with Lily, I delved deep into why I wanted to be a working mama and how I made it happen. Now it's all about breastfeeding & being in baby jail with Eitan!
Q: What is your favourite thing to do with your kids?
A: Without a doubt, Sunday mornings at home. Coffee in hand, some classic Fleetwood Mac or Billy Joel playing, hubby in the kitchen cooking crepes and the kids playing in the living room. This is my happy place.
Eitan is wearing The Bubble Woven Romper and Sharday is in The Chaunti Coverall


Q: What is the next milestone you are looking forward to reaching with Eitan?

A: I'm looking forward to introducing solids. I remember that was such a game changer with Lily. Of course, it's a lot more work but so enjoyable to see them experience new foods. We're big on food in our house, so spending hours in the kitchen is our kinda fun.


Eitan is wearing the It's All Good Overalls
Q: What is the funniest thing Lily has said as of late?
A: My husband was crossing the road with Lily the other day. She said "Ok, I'm going to hold your hand, not because I'm a kid, but because we're married". 
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