Sali Al-Digs

Why is Sali one of our faves?
This mama to Adam, a little boy with the sweetest curls, is so stylin’ she can make a simple jeans-and-sneakers outfit look super glam. Trust, we’re studying her Insta and taking notes.

Originally from Palestine, Sali grew up in Calgary, Alberta and now currently lives in our hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia. @notsobasik documents her style, lifestyle, and motherhood, including a few of Adam’s killer #OOTDs (check out how he's styled the O.G Romper below)!

Keep reading for our Q&A with Sali...

Q: What has been your biggest struggle as a young mom so far? 

A: Probably mom guilt. The older he gets the harder it is on me to leave him! I think because I know he understands more and more now. Whereas when he was a baby he didn’t care, as long as someone had milk to give him LOL!

Q: Which baby/toddler milestone made you do a little dance? 

A: Definitely when he started walking! He was a very late walker so we were anticipating his first steps for a long time!


Q: What is your favourite thing to do with Adam?

A: I love swimming with him the most! He loves the water so much. It makes me so happy seeing his big smile in the water!


Q: Any advice to other mamas out there? 

A: I would say don’t stress too much about anything. Every challenge I’ve faced as a mom has resolved itself in one way or another. Also, when tantrums occur, stay very calm and act like nothing is happening. This can be very difficult in public but it always works out better than giving them a reaction (whether that’s crying with them or getting angry)!


For more of Sali's mama+mini style inspo, check out @notsobasik