Natassia Valli

Why is Natassia one of our faves?
Being moms and entrepreneurs ourselves, we love seeing an inspirational mom that somehow gets sh*t done and makes it look easy...we can dream, right? Not only is Natassia a mama to new baby Areez (Ari) and little one Qaayam (Q), but she's also a social media influencer, and a Human Resources professional. How girl, how?

Born on the East Coast of Canada and raised on the West Coast, Natassia lives right here in our hometown, Vancouver, British Columbia. features great posts about her journey through motherhood (we loved this very authentic read), and her IG feed @natassia_valli showcases her two little boys in the cutest outfits!

Keep reading for our mini Q&A with Natassia...

Ari wearing the It's All Good Overalls and Q in The Remix Romper


Q: What is your favourite thing to do with your kids?

A: Honestly it’s weird, but I have a few things I like to do. Because Ari is still young he’s usually just along for the ride for things like Granville Island and book stores. However, one thing that’s really warmed my heart is bath time for the two boys. Ari is definitely a little water baby and Q just loves his role as big brother pouring water on him and telling him stories in the bath.

Q: Even though Ari is only a couple of months old now, do you see any differences between him and Q already?

A. There are definitely some initial differences right off the bat. Ari kinda likes to just be left alone for the most part and has a super chill vibe. Q was a bottle of energy from day one and still is - something that I adore about him and equally exhausts me, ha ha!  Also, the water thing, Q hated the water and bath time since he was a baby, and Ari could literally sit in there for hours! 

Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about parenting?

A: One of the toughest things I think is to ensure I don’t impart my insecurities or feelings on my kids. I’ve come to learn that they really are their own people, and it’s my job to guide them through life, not dictate what they should do. For example, letting them choose what activities they want to enrol in, what sports they want to play, and really encourage what THEY find interesting, not what I want them to do. Of course sleep deprivation is hard too, ha ha! 

Ari wearing the It's All Good Overalls and Natassia in The Rosie Jumpsuit

Q. You are a full time mom, social media influencer and have a job! How do you do it??

A: Coffee and wine...ha ha! No seriously, I love my wine and coffee, but it really comes down to our village. We have such amazing parents, siblings and friends around that support us so much. I really couldn’t focus on my career, working, and my interest in influencing without their support!  

You can find more pics of Natassia and her boys on Instagram as @natassia_valli, and read more about her at