Mother's Day Faves

The year seems to be flying by, but somehow we are already at the beginning of May! That also means it’s almost Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a special holiday for us as two Moms ourselves who started this business with the goal of creating sustainable, functional and stylish clothing for ourselves and our kids. This past year has been especially hard on mothers so we want to share some resources that may help to take a bit of that load off. As we’ve balanced our own mental health with nurturing and raising our little ones, we have definitely needed to look for some help - and we hope these help you too. We are sharing our favourite parenting book, a quick and easy recipe and a fun activity to cover our two main priorities right now: health and happiness!

We wish you all a joyful and restful Mother’s Day. 

Parenting Book: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk 

This book is a bestseller for a reason. So much of parenting is a learn-as-you-go process but this book helped provide some guidance and tips we didn’t even know we were looking for! Authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish are internationally acclaimed experts on communication between parents and children. It provides methods to solve common problems and build foundations for lasting relationships and innovative ways to cope with your child’s negative feelings, express your strong feelings without being hurtful, use alternatives to punishment that promote self-discipline and resolve family conflicts peacefully. Too much cooped-up family time can easily lead to emotional situations and this book has been a life-saver. Some eco-friendly ways to find this book are to check your local library, Facebook marketplace or secondhand book shops. 

baked apple slices on plate

Recipe: Easy Sliced Baked Apples 

These baked apples are an easy and healthy snack for babies, kids and adults that we’re currently obsessed with. They are free from most allergens, and can be eaten alone or on top of oatmeal, yogurt and pancakes! If you have a sweet tooth like us, they can also be topped with ice cream for a treat. If you’re in the process of introducing solid foods, they are also a great transition food for baby-led weaning. The recipe works with any type of apple and the best part is that it only requires 3 ingredients - apples, butter or coconut oil and cinnamon. The prep time takes five minutes and then after baking for 30 minutes, they’re ready to eat. 

Kids' costumes: How to set up a dress-up box

Activity: Ultimate Dress Up Box Checklist

After so much time at home with your kids, it is easy to run out of new ideas for things to do. We could all use a little whimsical play these days, so why not create a zero waste dress up box? This blog post has a list for creating the ultimate dress up box that is also practically free! They recommend gathering used adult clothing and accessories, items around the house like aprons or old keys, and toy box items like play money or old Halloween costumes. There is also a great list of easy DIYs like capes, crowns and animal masks to add to the adventure! A well-stocked dress up inventory will provide endless hours of creative play for your kids and hopefully a chance for you to catch a breath while they slay dragons and conquer kingdoms.  

We hope you enjoy our Mother’s Day favourites. Send us an email if you have suggestions for our next GREIGE Faves blog!