Creative Learning Faves

We think any parent would agree that no matter how much preparation you do, raising a child is a learn-as-you-go process! We are constantly experimenting, adjusting and figuring out what is best for our families along the way. For this edition of GREIGE’s Faves, we have put together some resources on creative learning - for kids and parents! Because even if our formal education at school has ended, we are students of life all along the way. For the kids, we are recommending a fun screen-free toy. For parents, we have a podcast that emphasizes following the path that’s best for your child and a parenting author that shares a parenting method to hopefully take some pressure off your shoulders.

Play: YOTO player
The Yoto Player is a screen-free speaker made for kids to explore a world of stories, music, activities, podcasts, radio and sound effects. This toy is on the pricier end but we were recently gifted a yoto player and have fallen in love. It allows kids to record their own stories and songs in addition to listening to favourites from Disney, Pixar, Roald Dahl and more. The player also connects to an app on your phone to manage settings. We also love that Yoto was founded by two parents, just like GREIGE!

That New Mom Life is a podcast from Parents Magazine, hosted by Grace Bastidas, Editor-in-Chief of Parents Latina, and Desiree Fortin, mom of triplets and a newborn. The story of welcoming your child into the world is told over twelve episodes that cover sleep deprivation, body changes, making mom friends, and more. The hosts chat with an expert on the topic each episode, from a doula to lactation consultant to sex therapist. The episodes range from 25 to 35 minutes so they are easy to put on during a quick walk. We have certainly binged our fair share of Netflix shows, but we didn’t know podcast binging was a thing until we found That New Mom Life!

Parenting Author: Janet Lansbury
Janet Lansbury is the author of the best-selling Elevating Child Care: A Guide To Respectful Parenting and No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame. She is a Resources for Infant Educators Associate and certified Parent/Infant Guidance Class instructor. Her passion for parenting comes from her own struggles of feeling lost and overwhelmed as a new parent. She follows Magda Gerber’s child care philosophy that believes in respectful parenting that encourages treating infants and children as capable, intelligent, responsive people ready to participate in life. As a bonus, she has a podcast too! Check out more than 200 episodes of Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled.
We hope you enjoy these recommendations. Let us know what you think and if you have any of your own suggestions!