Carolyn Williams

Since we always want a little glimpse into the lives of "mompreneurs" (inspirational moms who run their own businesses), we thought you might too. That's why we interviewed GREIGE Fave Carolyn Williams, mom of two and owner of The Bar Method Vancouver and West Vancouver.
Keep reading for our mini Q&A with Carolyn...

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Q: What inspired you to be a business owner, and why The Bar Method?
A: I have always wanted to own my own company. When I first met my husband (I was 18) I told him that I wanted to start my own chain of clothing stores, so I believe the entrepreneurial spirit was always there. I fell in love with The Bar Method in 2007 in California and saw what a positive impact the exercise had on my mom (who was breast cancer survivor). I moved to Vancouver in 2008 and instantly missed the exercise and the mental and physical strength I had gained from The Bar Method. 

Q: What do you wish you had known when you started out?
A. LOL, everything! So many things, where to begin! Running a business was going to be more expensive than I thought! It is difficult to separate yourself from your business mentally, emotionally and physically.

Q: Owning a business has its challenges, but what is one of your favourite things about it?
A: The people. Getting to be surrounded by such incredible people. When I hear the stories of the positive impact the studio has had on someone’s life - best thing ever!
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Q. As moms ourselves, we find it hard to find the time to exercise. Any advice?
A: Treat exercise as fuel for your body, same as food and sleep. If you allow yourself the time to exercise you will be a better mom, better business owner, better you! Block it off on your calendar as if you had a meeting, it is a meeting with yourself and one that is much more important.

Q. We can only imagine how busy you must be as a mother of two and an owner of two Bar Method studios. When you have a chance to relax, what does that look like?
A: When I sit in my son's room while he is falling asleep I play Sudoku, it's a great way to turn off my brain while sitting in the dark even if it is just for 15 minutes. 

Q: Room, desk, car, handbag - what do you clean first?
A: Room. I don't like to see mess, it makes me feel anxious :)

Q: If you had to come up with the next biggest parenting app, what would it be?
A: An app that tells you what to say in response to the emotional highs and lows of your child, with little reminders not to take what they say personally. Dealing with my son’s emotional needs has been the hardest part of being a parent and it would be great to have a little voice coaching you through it :)

Learn more about The Bar Method Vancouver here or on IG as @barmethod_van